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Rock Stars Welcome

Welcome to Century Plant Business Planning where we take care of the unglamourous stuff, so you can rock your star

What We Offer

Wooden Live Music Sign


All-Access Backstage Pass

The VIP=Very Important Protections


It’s not a coincidence that both a physical stage and an online following are called a platform:


A raised level surface on which people or things can stand.


This includes not only the stage above the ground but an online presence that gets above the noise. Both give the fans a focal point for their attention and, yes, their love. Both stages are constructed and nurtured. And both can collapse. No true rock star ignores that unsettling possibility, nor neglects to do everything in their power to mitigate it.


Your business is your stage. Have you made it as safe as you can? Do you want to get a sound sleep knowing your legacy is protected? Let’s build a sound platform for you and your family’s future. We’ll focus on the four corners, not missing a thing: : 


  1. Money: We’ll focus on the daily (knowing your break even point), the yearly (tax planning) and the long-term (retirement)

  2. Insurance: Have you made sure your employees and every piece of your business is covered in case of catastrophe? Together we will make sure that major disruptions turn into minor headaches.

  3. Succession: Are you a technician, someone who's built a business around them and plan on working until you retire? Is it a legacy you want to pass on? Plan on building to sell? Each of them is valid and needs a plan for your exit from the stage..

  4. Settlement: Do you have a will? Is a living trust something to consider? How much have you done to get around probate? We’ll explain how to settle your legacy right.


No one wants to consider worst case scenarios. It’s uncomfortable and can feel like tempting fate. And while life is what happens while you’re busy making plans, setting up yourself and your family for the inevitable bumps in the road, Century Plant Business Services allows you to keep the ship afloat in rough seas.

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